Luxury marble for villas, shops and prestigious hotels.

Marble, granite, limestone, onyx and quartzite to enhance indoor and outdoor environments.


We create the perfect harmony

Marble – Granite – Limestone – Onyx - Quartzite


Figures that take shape

Waterjet inlay


Shapes embodied

Design of interiors in prestigious marble


Body that becomes pleasure

The taste of luxury marble


Pleasure that becomes complete satisfaction

Waterjet cutting

we Marble

• We work in collaboration with architects and designers who choose natural materials for extremely elegant designs and finishes.

Marble, granite, limestone, onyx and quartzite highlight the prestige of shops, boutiques and hotels that stand out for their style and quality. Exclusive environments are cloaked in the charm of materials composed of unique colours and veining.

Mar.Val’s nature excludes replication, copying and imitation.

Valentino Testi, our C.E.O, has dedicated the production of marble, granite, limestone, onyx and quartzite to the luxury sector since 2001. The tradition of a family that has been working with marble since 1930 has thus been directed mainly towards extremely ambitious projects and environments.

• Valentino's choice represents his desire to take marble to its fullest expression through an agile and highly specialised business dynamic.

• Mar.Val occupies a 20,000-square-metre facility where Valentino and his staff devote their time and talent to the realisation of projects created by designers, architects and engineers. We oversee every stage of the crafting process with unfailing natural dedication and are only satisfied when the result is perfect. Interaction, commitment and collaboration ensure that every project receives the attention of a team that consistently meets its deadlines.

• Our experienced stonemasons use state-of-the-art technology to create mouldings and inlays tailored to the customer's desires, meeting or surpassing every architectural or design-related expectation, be it minimal or complex.

• We can supply any type of material and, thanks to our extensive experience, are able to assist you in the selection process, offering you the benefit of our knowledge, not only in terms of colour and matching, but also in relation to technical characteristics, durability and maintenance.

• Our problem-solving skills are greatly appreciated by the architects and designers we work with to create furnishings, cladding and architectural accessories, details of which can be found on the page where they talk about our collaboration.


Mar.Val crafts luxury marble in Italy, with equipment and experience that allow us to undertake all kinds of projects. It is very hard to document the magnitude of the work that we have completed, so here you will find a selection of pictures that serve only to offer you a glimpse of our enormous potential.


The passion that drives us makes us aware of our worth, but when the professionals who choose to work with us confirm it, our expertise is proven by those who have interacted with us and seen us at work.


In addition to the various ways in which you can contact us, you will also find links to the social media pages where we post our work every day. Communication and an understanding with the customer are essential to the realisation of outstanding work and structures.

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