Luxury marbles for prestigious environments.

We carry out your projects from block to installation.

Our professional experts are always available to advise and work together with your architects and designers.






Dry laying


Finished store




• From block selection to installation your project is enhanced by precious marbles, granites, quartzites and onyxes from our current collection featuring Statuario, Calacatta, Taji Mahal and Mont Blanc. 
• The identity of your brand and the essence of your products are better showcased in environments that enhance their quality and details.
• The dry pre-laying in our workshop will show you a faithful preview of your projects, whether they are luxury stores, hotels, prestigious villas, or apartments, with the option of customizing their layout. Our dry pre-laying area is 1,200 square meters, thus allowing an accurate preview of large projects.

We lightweight larger floors and claddings with aluminum honeycomb or other resistant and ultralight materials. 

• We also produce statues, columns, bathtubs, assembled and solid sinks and any piece of furnishing to meet every demand and need. Our artisan care turns into art and lights up when the veining of floors or claddings, combined with tempered glass, are backlit by LED panels.

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Our  Brand

• In 2001 our CEO Valentino Testi directed the tradition of a family that has been working marble since 1930 towards the luxury sector.

• We use precious marbles and granites as their beauty reflects the taste of the most prestigious brands and the lifestyle of those who enjoy exclusive, natural and unique environments in terms of colors and veining.

• The strength of the company, with a facility of 20,000 square meters, is manifested above all in the passion with which Valentino and his collaborators dedicate themselves to the realization of the most ambitious projects.

• Experienced marble workers, with the aid of the most modern technologies, create shapes and inlays, personalizing every architectural project and design, be it basic or complex and articulated.

• Thanks to our experience, we can offer advice on material selection and manage any specific problem of your project with competence, thus finding the right solution to meet your needs.

• We support your architects and designers, thus creating a team striving to achieve the same goal. 


With your Design


• Your taste and your personality are reflected in the harmonious beauty of the places where you live or spend your holidays.


• We can make and install, with care and according to your taste, continuous veining, book-matching or cut to size floors and claddings, straight or curved staircases winding between different floors on treads and straight risers or winder treads, natural stones in straight or molded lines, string courses, and baseboards of any shape.


"I started practicing my profession in London in 2006. I worked on renovation and design projects, especially in the private luxury sector. Customer satisfaction depends on the total customization of spaces and attention to details which, combined with the comfort offered by the latest technologies, define the exclusive essence and unique character of each project.

A designer works closely with specialists, and the manufacturing process requires time, passion and dedication. Marble is a key element when thinking of a luxury home and the great professionalism of specialists such as Mar.Val is essential to satisfy designers’ demands and end customers’ expectations. 
Final products, which we often see published on websites and magazines, are always the result of great coordination and exchange of information and knowledge between designers and specialists. 

The bespoke does not follow a linear path, it largely depends on the personalities involved, on the specialists’ ability to guide the designer to optimize each component and on the designer's ability to transfer the concept to them in all its nuances. 

I had an immediate connection with Mar.Val and we shared common goals. We compared our ideas to develop the original concepts better, finding solutions that highlighted the performance of the materials and enriched the appearance of the environments. 

Thanks to this approach, work is transformed into a personal enrichment that day after day turns every "design and construction challenge" into an opportunity. 

The end result undoubtedly depends on the collaboration and experience of each team member. 

Their passion for the project, the support they give to the technicians and their excellent customer care are Mar.Val’s confirmed characteristics. Working with Mar.Val means feeling "completely pampered", and each project turns into a unique little masterpiece." 


Veronica Sollazzi Castagnetti

"I had the pleasure of working with Mar.Val for several luxury real estate projects. I was able to view the samples at their location, and my client could choose precisely what he wanted from a wide range of high-quality colors and patterns. Mar.Val has met the high demands of my customers in a professional and timely manner. All the marbles have been installed in full compliance with the project plan.
I am looking forward to working with Mar.Val again in future projects and would not hesitate to recommend their services and products."

Natalia Fahim

"When we ventured into designing the main location of Boutique Toma, we welcomed this project as an opportunity to envision it not only as a commercial space but as an environment with a glamorous atmosphere to make Toma a brand recognizable also from their store appearance.

The boutique is located in via della Spiga 2, one of the streets in the fashion district of Milan, in a building designed by the famous Milanese architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

The store was conceived precisely as the living room of a glamorous house. That is a unique environment where we combined a chandelier by Vistosi from the 60s, with a large bar cabinet by Fontana made of colored mirrors and metal profiles, bookshelves in the 50s style made of wood and brass and, as in any living room, an elegant fumoir tub sofa by Poltrona Frau. 
All the elements of the store, from the showcase area to the internal display, are bound together by the materials used to clad the walls and floor.

Thanks to the collaboration with Mar.Val, the floor has been enhanced with Sahara Noir. This marble, characterized by a black background, was installed applying the book-matching technique to create plays of light. As its veining is made of quartz and oxides inclusions, it embellishes the floor with golden sparkles. The same marble was molded to create the countertop.

Working with Mar.Val, we focused on marble starting from its selection in their workshop, working together in the nesting stage, to the installation carried out by its competent installers."

Renato Serra - Rolando Turchetto


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No. We do not have engineers, architects, or designers, but we work together with yours to realize their and your projects.

Yes. We can provide you with any type of material and offer you professional advice to enhance your project and make it lasts over time.

Custom and straight floor layouts, custom and straight claddings layouts, continuous veining and book-matching floors and claddings, straight and curved stairs with treads and straight risers or molded winder treads, solid curved risers, string courses, columns, statues, solid or assembled bathtubs, solid or assembled sinks, borders, straight or molded frames, strip or straight molded baseboards, solid curved baseboards, straight and curved pool edges, regular or for infinity pools, cut to size floors and claddings, floors and claddings lightweighted with aluminum honeycomb or with other lightweight materials, backlit floors and claddings combined with tempered glass and LED panels.


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